About the lab


Our laboratory studies the tissue-level mechanisms responsible for musculoskeletal integrity in health and disease. We utilize numerous in vivo model systems to understand how disease and pharmaceutical intervention influence bone structure, cellular activity, tissue-level properties (such as mineralization, microdamage, collagen, hydration), and biomechanical properties.


We study diseases/conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, disuse,and aging using techniques such as imaging (CT, DXA, X-ray), histology (static and dynamic histomorphometry, microdamage), and mechanical testing (bending, compression, reference point indentation).


Our laboratory is funded by the National Institutes of Health, NASA/NSBRI, IU School of Medicine, and industry.

baboon femur 3739 s2 x10.jpg
SafO trab bone.jpg
Normal and CKD bone
Bone viewed with polarized light
Active osteoblast bone formation
Bone remodeling
High resolution CT of femoral head
Fluorescent bisphosphonate staining